iStore 270L Hot Water System

The revolutionary iStore air-to-energy hot water system, designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

Rather than using inefficient electric elements or wasteful gas burners the iStore uses air-to-energy technology to deliver a huge leap in hot water heating efficiency.

The iStore removes heat energy from the air and stores it in the Australian proven vitreous enamel tank. The iStore only requires a tiny 4Kw/h of energy to heat 270L rather than the nearly 14kw of electric or gas energy. The iStore is the equivalent of a big thermal battery that is affordable today

The system is so efficient that the Australian Government provides STC incentives and local State Government rebates to assist the replacement of older technologies such as electric, gas & solar hot water systems.

Utilising refrigeration technology which is an incredibly efficient form of producing heating capacity. This smart technology has been used since the first refrigerant gas was developed way back in 1928.

The process is very similar to pumping up a bicycle tyre with a hand held pump; the more compression and pressure when using a bicycle tyre pump, the hotter the pump gets. This is essentially the same process as the iStore’s Hitachi compressor in action – creating heat from compression and transferring the thermal energy around the tank to heat the water inside the fully insulated cylinder.

There are 2 timers that you can program to take advantage of rooftop solar power, off-peak power or staggered high household water demands.

Suitable for installations around all of Australia and New Zealand, why settle for old technology, get an iStore today and start saving money on your water heating!

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Product Features:
  • Generate hot water energy all year round
  • Easy changeover from existing heat pumps
  • Eligible for generous government incentives
  • Make the most of your Solar Power System
  • Quiet operation, Independently tested to 46.6dB @ 1m
  • External wrap around coil for maximum thermal transfer
  • Parts and labour warranties
  • Works in all climates, tested to -7
Product Suitability: 
Suitable for up to 6 people

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