iHeat Roof Mount 300L Twin Panels & Electric Booster

iHeat Solar Hot Water Roof Mount

Using a roof mounted tank and two highly advanced, all copper flat plate thermal collectors, this popular solar hot water system will provide up to 80% of your hot water needs. Using the latest in natural circulation technology, this proven system requires no moving parts or pumps, making it a low maintenance and reliable operator.

Solar hot water solutions ideal for high demand

Roof mounted solar hot water systems come with an automatic electric backup in place to help out on especially overcast days, this clever roof mounted system saves money and cuts pollution.

This system is one of our most popular in its range. iHeats hot water twin panel electric boost system is ideal for Australian families.

Product Features:
  • Attracts generous government incentives
  • Designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions
  • All copper collectors with black chrome selective coating
  • 4m2 collector surface area
  • Easy changeover from existing roof mount electric boost system
  • Nation-wide sales and service networks
  • Family sized solar hot water system
Product Suitability: 
Suites medium to large family
When replacing electric boosted roof mount solar hot water system. Subject to transfer of STCs / State & Fed Rebates to iHeat P/L. Conditions apply.

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