i-Heat 315L 30 Tube Split System with Gas Booster

iHeat solar hot water - Evacuated Tubes

Fully automatic, i-Heat 315L 30 Tube Split System with Gas Booster system is one of the most efficient forms of heating your hot water. Unlike conventional hot water systems, the iHeat Gas Boosted Evacuated Tube system utilises a storage tank to pre-heat the water from the sun, which then flows through the 6.0 Star High Efficiency i-Heat Gas Booster and delivers steaming hot water 365 days of the year. Never run out of hot water with continous flow & mains pressure delivery to all taps in your home. Combining two of the most effective ways of heating hot water, the i-Heat 315L 30 Tube Split System with Gas Booster is the perfect option for large hot water demand.

With 94% Solar Absorption and passive sun tracking, i-Heat's Gas Boosted Evacuated Tube will provide your families hot water needs 24/7. Solar contribution is regulated by iHeat technologically advanced controller which incorporates the world's most efficient & reliable Danish manufactured Grundfos pump. All i-Heat Evacuated tube system are eligible for the Australian Government's Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) which assists with the out of pocket costs of bringing true value & quality solar thermal products to Australian households.

Product Features:
  • Lightweight and versitile mounting options
  • Minus -15Deg (Level 2) Frost Protection
  • Fully automatic 6 star in-line gas booster
  • Retains up to 94% of the suns energy
  • Better performance in overcast conditions
  • Round tubes track the sun for longer periods
Product Suitability: 
Suitable for up to 6 people
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